Top Business School in India

Top Business School in India

Top Business School in India

Top Business School in India

As discussed in our earlier article regarding the best college for teaching degree courses, we bring you one of the much needed subject and the top business school which provides this education.

“Business Management” is one driving force behind today’s corporate culture. It has evolved drastically over the decades. It is not something new to us, However business studies have evolved during the course of time and have been refined continuously with the changing times and demands. Various research centers have promoted these changing curriculum and the need for a new system of business management learning.

In India, Business Management is taught at degree level as Bachelors of Business Management and at Post Graduation level as Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

India has a great collection of top business schools across the country which promote the healthier and competitive learning of business management skills. we get you some of the key list of such top business schools below.

List of Top Business Schools for 2015 2016

  1. IIM A – Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. IIMA is top business school located in Gujrat. It is a public business school
  2. IIM C – Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. IIMC is top business school located in Calcutta. It is a public business school
  3. XLRI, Jamshedpur – (XLRI – Xavier Labour Relations Institute) Xaviers Schools of Management is one of the top business school in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. It is one of the oldest business school.
  4. FMS Delhi : FMS – Faculty of Management Studies under Delhi University is one of the top business school
  5. SPJIMR, Mumbai : S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research is part of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

The above mentioned list is for 5 top business school for 2014.

Key parameters used to judge these top business schools were education, infrastructure, placement, salary for campus recruits etc.

It is not easy to get admission into these top business schools. Lot of determination and hard work is required. Fees to study is also quite expensive, however there are educational loans provided for the same. Key is to get admission by cracking the CAT Exams and respective institute conducted entrance exams.

If one is aspiring to get enrolled into these premier institutes, then the efforts have to be put on from early age and have to master their subject and get good marks in their qualifying examinations. there are a lot of training institutes which solely prepare students to crack these competitive entrance examination.

Getting admission into top business school is the dream of most of the students however with the demand it is possible only for the top meritorious students to crack this entrance test.

Apart from the full time courses in these top business school, there are many part time and diploma courses offered across which can be taken up by the students, working professionals to acquire the knowledge and degree from these premier institutes.

Again, keep in mind, path to success is only for those who put in hard work and efforts and work towards their goals. You will have to put in that extra efforts and make sure you are always focused.

If you are aware of any other top business school in India which can be added to the list of top why, please comment it with justification as to why do you think so. we shall review and update this article based on the feedback.


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