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Time Calculations in MS Excel

MS Excel is a widely used spreadsheet document provided by Microsoft on windows. Excel is handy when it comes to calculations. Let’s learn about the Time Calculations in Excel.(If you are new to excel, recommend you to Learn Excel Basics first) Excel can work with time very easily. Time can be entered in various different formats and calculations be performed. […]

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Learn Algorithmic thinking from MIT Professors

This course provides an introduction to mathematical modeling of computational problems. It covers the common algorithms, algorithmic paradigms, and data structures used to solve these problems. The course emphasizes the relationship between algorithms and programming, and introduces basic performance measures and analysis techniques for these problems. So go through this online video tutorial in detail to understand the basics of […]

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Arteries and Veins – Biology

Arteries (from the Greek ἀρτηρία – artēria, “windpipe, artery”) are blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart. This blood is normally oxygenated, exceptions made for the pulmonary and umbilical arteries. The Effective Arterial Blood Volume (EABV) is that extracellular fluid (ECF) which fills the arterial system. The circulatory system is extremely important for sustaining life. Its proper functioning […]

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