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Most of us go through this pain when we have loads of work to be done in a short span of time. We will not be sure of what tasks can be completed and how are they prioritized over the others. Its very essential to understand that unless, we have a proper plan on the prioritization of your tasks, you cannot do the time management efficiently. So in a way, time management and prioritization are both interlinked to certain extent.

I will be sharing with you some information which i have written on my blog about ” How to prioritize your work/tasks? ” It is very important that you should understand there is a scientific methodology to attach priority to your tasks.

With this prioritization, lots of time we save some good amount of time and as well we do the tasks which are needed for us to complete. As I said in that article, there are two main aspects which you need to consider for a task -> Importance, Urgency. These two parameters of the task will define the priority of the task as to which block or quadrant it will fit in.

Even in the game of Cricket, this methodology is used based on the strategy devised at that time. You cannot prioritize the tasks like a cyclone coming in spontaneously, it needs your thorough understanding on the importance and urgency .

LikeĀ  when you are studying for your exams, the prioritization which you usually make is what are the long questions which carry high marks are prepared first, then goes to the order of next lesser marks. In this way, you achieve good score by preparing for the exams in a well planned manner.

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Ashfaq Ahmed
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