How to use my preferred domain name for my blogger blog

Publishing Custom domain on blogger

Most of the time, people who start fresh on blogs, usually hit blogger or wordpress. Blogger is an effective medium as it is SEO Optimized and helps to get your blogs high visibility on google search engine.

Using a blogger which is for free, you will not have enough branding for yourself. You may want to get your own custom domain pointed to your blogs like instead of How to do that? How much money would you be investing to get from this free platform to a personalized platform?

Google has provided Blogging platform for free and it has also provided an option for the regular bloggers to brand themselves by investing just 10-20 USD ( depends on the domain price ). Lets review how this is done.

I am assuming you already have your blogger account and have a blog which is running with some posts. Even if its not so, no worries. Just open up an account with and create a new blog. Once you have your blog created, next step is to get yourself a custom domain of your choice. Go to GoDaddy or any other domain registrar and purchase a domain of your choice. Once you have a domain name of your choice, follow the below instructions to point your newly purchased domain to your blogging account.

  1. Login to your account and open up your blog dashboard which needs to pointed to this newly purchased domain name.
  2. On the Left hand side, click on the Settings Tab and it opens up a list of menu, select Basics
  3. On the Right hand side section, under Publishing, enter this newly purchased domain name. ( make sure you give full url.. )
    1. Publishing Custom domain on blogger
  4. Now, Save
  5. In Most case, you will get an error saying relating to CNAMEs. It will also point out the 2 error entries. Make a note of those error entries. Out of those 2, one is a generic one and the other is specific to your account. So make a note of those entries, as we would be using them to update our DNS settings.
  6. Now go to your Domain Registrar, in our case, its, Login to your account. Click on your domain.
  7. Now when you have the domain details page loaded, you will see that it has three tabs on top and you need to go to DNS Zone File. This is your DNS settings zone, which you need to make changes so that your domain visitors are redirected to google blog.
  8. Now in the DNS Settings zone, click on add a record and select CNAME Record and enter the details which you have seen on your blogger error message.
    1. Publishing Custom domain on blogger
  9. Click on Add Another and enter the second entry for CNAME as shown in that error message. Remember, this second entry is specific to your account. Once done, Click Finish and then SAVE changes       on your DNS Settings page.
  10. Usually GoDaddy settings get updated in about 5-10 mins, but it is recommended you wait for about 30 minutes for these settings to be updated.
  11. Once done, now go back to your blogger account and follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4 mentioned above. Now you will see that when your custom domain name is hit, it will show all your blogs which you have maintained on the blogger.

Isn’t this simple now with the above mentioned guide?



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