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A Facebook Group has 1260 members. Recently Conducted a Survey and only 525 members responded. Out of the members who provided the survey, 60% of them were females. What is the number of the males who provided the survey?


A Young Smartphone dealer starts his selling business. Since he is new into the business, he wants to get more and more customers. so for this , he devises as plan where in he marks his smartphones 10% above the cost price and allows the 10% discount.

What do you think is his gain or loss percent?



Ramanujam decided to invest his saving of Rs 2000 in a co operative bank for 10% per annum. He decides to go for this investment for 3 years. Find what will Ramanujam’s compound interest.


Rahul wanted to invest money in a fixed deposit at a local bank. Bank assured him, fixed interest rate of 4% per year for a locking period of 7 years. So he decided to go ahead and invest the money, however he wanted to know how much would he be getting back for $6000, if he invested it for next 7 years?


I recently bought a Samsung phone from USA for $1000. Luckily, I got a customer who was willing to pay $1200 for it. Help me understand how much would be my Profit Percent?


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