Certified Scrum Master – Analysis

Certified Scrum Master at skillnest

Scrum is one of the most successful & widely used Agile framework. As per one of the version one surveys, Scrum is used 56% of agile organizations.

Scrum Master who is the custodian of the scrum practices and helps the team to adopt them. In order for a person to be eligible to be a scrum master, he/she should undergo training cum certification program Certified Scrum Master .

Certified Scrum Master is a 2-3 days course depending on the certifying body. In this course, the student is taught the underlying concepts and the best practices for scrum. After completion of the course and some reading of Agile Scrum books, a person will be ready to take on the challenges of Scrum Master. Certified Scrum Master (CSM) helps the individual to understand scrum better.

Apart from Certified Scrum Master course, there are also courses on Certified Product Owner. These certifications helps the candidates to better understand how the product owner has to interact with the stake holder and make sure gets answer to the queries raised by the development team. also the key responsibility of this product owner will be on how to optimize the return on investments.

Scrum master is a pseudo agile coach for the team where he trains and coaches his/her team for adopting agile scrum best practices.

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